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Washington’s renowned producer of rare and landrace cannabis strains. Our connoisseur sun grown flowers are cold cured for exquisite flavor and smoothness.
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Elite Strains

We seek special hybrids and standout versions of popular strains, in search of exceptional traits and unique effects.  Our uncompromised natural growing techniques and artisanal curing methods bring out peak flavor, potency and bud structure.

PNW INDICA HYBRID  Happy and Uplifting Stone

Jesus is the keeper cut of a line created and stabilized in Seattle. A local herbsman had serious depression and looked to cure his blues with something of his own creation. He knew it had to have the anxiolytic and happy qualities of Blueberry, but with a little more power. He got ahold of a Blueberry/Afghani called Blue Dynamite and crossed with the infamous White Widow.


He kept working the line further and further for over a decade into its own inbreed line with all the qualities he wanted, the happiness of the Blueberry, power of the Afghani and resin content of the White Widow. One day he came across the grail cut of this IBL and called it Jesus because it saved his life! It’s a favorite of many a bud tender in the Seattle area.

B.C. SATIVA HYBRID  Happy, Laughing and Social

Elphinstone is another incredible sativa-dominate strain from Bodhi Seeds that has us just giddy! It’s a wonderful mix of Breeder Steve’s Sweet Skunk #10 crossed with Bodhi’s Chem D x Green Crack— a cross he calls Appalachia. The sweet and sour “7 up” notes of the NL5Hz combined with the chemmy goodness of the Appalachia is a treat for the taste buds. Great hazy and chem sativa combination that will leave you with nothing but good times!

Kiona Gold
SIGNATURE HYBRID  Creative, Upbeat and Social

The prettier sister of our well regarded Pablo’s Lemon Thai is a reworking of the classic Hawaiian strain Kona Gold, Kiona Gold blends Colombians, Thais and some of the first Afghan genetics to be worked in the United States via the Brotherhood Of Eternal Love’s Hawaiian base of operations. Kiona Gold plants possess a wonderful and exotic citrus perfume and sparse, delicate sativa structure. They are high in THC and produce a long-lasting, motivational and emotion-enhancing effect. These flowers are ideal for assisting in mental health and end of life therapy.

Gorilla Glue No. 4
SELECT MODERN HYBRID  Powerful Chronic Stone

Developed by GG Strains, Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation. The resin on our Gorilla Glue flower is absolutely amazing, one of the greasiest strains we’ve ever grown. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent, earthy, and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains: Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. You can smell the chocolate and taste the sour/chem notes instantly!

Kiona EXE Haze cannabis sativa
Exe Haze
SELECT SATIVA HYBRID  Smooth, Bright and Serene

The more accessible sister to our Coffee Haze, the EXE Haze is a little less hazey in the high, and a little fruity in the nose. She still possesses a strongly Colombian Haze influenced effect, and has substantially impressed all who have evaluated her qualities. The flowers possess beautiful burgundy streaks in the calyxes on a pale green background. Her resins are quite stunning, and the high will make end even the worst day on a very positive note. This is a very limited release this year.

Lemon Jack
SELECT SATIVA HYBRID  Energizing and Focused

A new take on an old theme, Lemon Jack is a unique NL90 Haze hybrid that delivers the best of both worlds. Strong psychoactive effects, combined with potency one expects from a Northern Lights, makes this citrusy hybrid a great anytime smoke.

Grapefruit Blaze
SELECT MODERN HYBRID  Groovy, Mindful and Chilled

Bred by Snow High seeds, the Grapefruit Blaze combines the best of Blueberry and Dutch Haze hybrid gene pools. The most unusual thing about this line is the amorphous, dynamic odor that appears to cycle through an assortment of smells every day you smell it. One day it well smell of sweet pink grapefruits. Another day it will smell of dill and body odor. The next it will cycle back to grapefruit with a background of blueberry syrup before smelling of typical blue dream the following day. After this, it might smell of a hazey incense spectrum, before cycling back again to the grapefruit. This plant possesses the best parts of blueberry and Super Silver haze’s psychoactivity. The mindful euphoria of blueberry, combines well with the subdued Haze effect present in Super Silver Haze. She is also a crowd pleaser, able to satisfy those focused on flavor, bag appeal, potency or quality of high.

Silver Lights
MODERN HYBRID  Enlightening Body Buzz

Continuing in our theme of producing elite NL X Haze hybrids this year, the Silver Lights is a hybrid between our own NL X Haze project, the Lemon Jack, and an Indica leaning f5 accession of Mr Nice’s Super Silver Haze. Silver Lights was bred by our friends at Life’s Blood Seeds, and it does not disappoint. The odors are complex, ranging from apple, to cherry blossoms, to incensy perfumes. The effect is very stoning and calming for an Northern Lights Haze hybrid, and as long as consumers keep this in mind, they will be very happy with this selection.

Puna Budder Cookies
SELECT MODERN HYBRID  Cerebral and Serene

Old meets new in this special hybrid bred by Coastal Seeds out of Santa Cruz. As the name suggests, a late 70s-era Hawaiian “Puna Budder” Sativa from the Big Island was crossed with the popular Girl Scout Cookies cut, renowned for its empowered calm. The result is an overall uplifting experience that dulcifies the body while invigorating the senses. This variety shares some of the more desirable traits with our Ol’ Mendo Hashplant but with a more Sativa-leaning structure and effect. It produces flowers with purple highlights and a lemon funk fuel odor that carries well into its flavor. While the effect is fairly physical, Puna Butter Cookies offers a notably positive, clear head.





Loompa’s Headband
HEIRLOOM HYBRID  Deeply Stony and Euphoric

There’s not much to say about this one that hasn’t been said already. Potency, aroma, flavor, you name it, this prestigious plant earns her crown. Loompa’s Headband is an exclusive OG Kush x Sour Diesel cutting from Loompa farms—a top selection among OG Kush aficionados, known to some as Underdawg OG. She’s extremely dank, with a pronounced lemon fuel scent and thick flavor. There will be no disappointment for those seeking long-lasting deep stony effects with mood enhancement and pain relief. Be ready for her powerful high to come on slow and steady.





Vanillaluna is DJ Short’s recreation of Blue Heaven, a line from the original Delta 9 collection, but this time integrating a Blueberry Sativa parent. The effect is mildly motivational but strongly euphoric and anxiolytic. Beautiful dark blue to purple pigmentation occurs in the calyxes. The aromas are deeply floral and complex, containing notes of honeysuckle and lavender over an earthy foundation.

Pablo’s Gold

The mother of this line is a Panama Red discovered in a years-long search for a Panamanian that replicated the qualities of the legendary old school import. The father is Pablo’s Cheese, a hybrid between our Colombian lines and the UK Cheese. As a result of the cross, Pablo’s Gold produces positive psychedelic motivation with high THC content. Her nose has notes of the UK cheese but on a sweeter, more herbaceous pallet.



Pablo’s Lemon Thai

We are unapologetic about taking extreme pride in growing super-long-flowering tropicals, well-bred heirlooms, and high concept inbred stabilized varietals. However, we fully understand that most Cannabis consumers have accepted a very different definition of quality than we do, seeking indoor grown polyhybrid varietals which express a high level of density and sparkly resin glands. The Pablo’s Lemon Thai is one of our lines intended to meet the majority of Cannabis consumer’s benchmarks for high quality, but cultivated in a much more sustainable manner, bred from more diverse and interesting parental lines, and carefully cured using artisan techniques. The result is a crop of flowers that has all of the qualities the mainstream Cannabis connoisseur demands, but with a much smaller ecological footprint, a unique terroir imparted by the region’s soil and climate, and a motivational, positive effect capable of leaving the user functional but with enhanced perception and an improved mood.


Pablo’s Lemon Thai’s pedigree reads like a list of Cannabis Royalty. Panama Red, Santa Marta Gold, Dutch Flower’s Lemon Thai, and Skunk #1 all combine to create a surprisingly fast finishing and crowd pleasing phenotype. Her olfactory pallet is in the floral and tropical fruit spectrum over a background of eucalyptus and menthol.

Exe Kush

An extremely unique and rare hybrid combination of Mazar-­‐i-­‐Shariff, Chitral#1, Trainwreck, and Black Haze. Our Exe Kush is like no other. She has deep earthy and musky notes alongside the sandalwood and citrus from the sativas. The effects hit almost immediately and take the user to a serene and peaceful place that is happy and insightful, great for meditation enhancement. Her smoke is incredibly smooth on the palate. A fantastic hybrid of highest caliber.


Blockhead is one of a few varieties we sell derived from the work of Breeder Steve at Spice of Life seeds, and we consider it his best work. The Blockhead’s mother, known as “Project 19” is somewhat mysterious, commonly thought to be a inbred stabilized hybrid partially derived from an unknown African variety. Her father is a Sweet Tooth #3, a cubed backcross derived from the British Columbia Sweet Pink Grapefruit, thought to be a selected Northern Lights cutting, and DJ Short’s highly regarded Blueberry. She is known for producing afghanica structured flowers on a tropical structured plant, possessing a high with a similarly unusual mix of wide and narrow leafed qualities. An unusual plant with seductive attractive floral and resin structures, with a high that’s all her own. The effects combine the potent and disorienting qualities of equatorial Africans with the couchlock qualities of her wide leafed ancestors. The olfactory qualities have a base of grape candy with overtones of hash, meyer lemon, and cat urine.