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Washington’s renowned producer of rare and landrace cannabis strains. Our connoisseur sun grown flowers are cold cured for exquisite flavor and smoothness.
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Heirloom Strains

Our vintage strains brim with long lost character and distinctive effects not found in today’s market. Drawing from our storied genetic archive, we offer an unequalled collection of cherished strains from Cannabis history, expertly grown for the connoisseur.

Ol’ Mendo Hashplant
HEIRLOOM INDICA  Relaxation and Cerebral Uplift

This plant sets itself apart from other Indicas with its cerebral stimulation and euphoric rush. This strain is recommended for all levels of tokers looking for a balanced experience, as it offers powerful physical effects as well as an intense cerebral uplift. She stays true to her parent heritage with deep Afghani aromas and a thick, tongue-coating spice-flavored smoke. The flowers are frosty with a purple hue and reddish hairs. She has wonderful sweet, earthy, and berry flavors that will tickle your tongue every time.

AFGHANICA INDICA  Dreamy, Calm and Lucid

Monolith is a stellar example of the wide leafed Afghanica varietals which seemed to find their way into domestic Cannabis production in every pocket of the United States in the early 80’s but had by and large disappeared by the late 1990’s. Possessing the classic deep pungent herbal, musky, acrid, and pungent aroma most associated with wide leafed afghanicas, but has been increasingly difficult to find over the last few decades, Monolith is the pure Afghan offspring of the Afkansastan and a circa 1988 G13 x Hashplant. This cross, developed by Bodhi seeds, also possesses a high more complex than contemporary pure Afghanicas. While it brings the user to a state of calm and mental relaxation, it lacks the somewhat dull, stupefacient and muscle relaxing/couchlock effect common to contemporary plants of this type. While this is a throwback to Cannabis from a period before many of its users were born, it still possesses the potency, bag appeal, and high quality cultivation and cure, modern connoisseurs demand. This variety has a well-deserved reputation, and is one of our most requested varieties.

The Wreck
HEIRLOOM CA HYBRID  Positive and Energetic

The breeding of this Humboldt heirloom was started almost five decades by an older, now deceased, friend in Humboldt, who not only bred the line, but personally selected her parents while scouting countless elite farms over multiple countries and dozens of regions all known for producing legendary but now endangered or extinct Cannabis products. The presence of her odor is extremely pronounced for a varietal whose olfaction is so firmly in the floral spectrum. The nose is sweet, delicately citric with a minimal note of pine.


The Wild Thai
After visiting several lowland Thai farms and being dissatisfied with the results, a lone seeded feral plant of striking quality and deep psychedelic effect was discovered. A portion of seeds were delicately removed, taken to California, and the plant left to finish her solitary life.

Highland Oaxaca Gold

A highly sought after landrace varietal, this Oaxaca Gold was collected during a trip following Tim Leary and his scores of spiritual seekers to the region with the goal of participating in the indigenous people’s Psilocybin culture. Oaxacan Cannabis is prized for its calming and introspective yet positive and motivational quality. Truly astral examples of golden Oaxacan Cannabis simply don’t exist anymore.


A narrow leafed selection from a farm which produced rubbed resins (Charas), unusual for the area. At the time, the Chitral valley produced some of the finest resins in the universe.


Vintage Northern Lights
HEIRLOOM AFGHANICA  Cerebral Yet Sedative

Described as the pinnacle of all Northern Lights breeding at the time of its release, The Seedbank’s 1989 “Northern Lights 5 X 2″ possesses the physical characteristics of pure indica while producing a paradoxical high that is mentally racy but physically sedate. Our Gin Blossom Northern Lights retains these original traits with the classic juniper berry nose and flavor. Her background is somewhat shrouded in mystery with origins said to be from a wide leafed Afghan or Pakistani and a narrow leafed Thai, Philippine, or Durban Poison, depending on who you ask. Bred in the Pacific Northwest, we are proud to introduce this crucial building block in a form very close to what it was in the mid 1980’s. Our selected plants exhibit some variegation with bright golden streaks in some floral clusters. This is a normal expression of these plants caused by a mutation in the chlorophyll producing cellular organs. Particularly lucky purchasers will find flowers with both purpling and variegation resulting in pink streaks in the flowers. There’s a lot of farms growing northern lights but as best as we can tell ours is the closest to this 1980’s classic.

Holy Crack
HEIRLOOM CA HYBRID  Focused Cerebral Buzz

Although it sounds like a new-fangled strain, this is actually a cross of two California heirlooms, one newer than the other. It’s starts with the real Big Sur Holy Weed. Coastal Seeds are the only ones with the real BSHW and they don’t let the pure line out to anybody! But they did cross it to an and old Skunk/Afghani that had never left California. It was originally called Mango, until Snoop Dogg renamed it Green Crack. Holy Crack is the offspring and this girl is one lovely lady. The high starts with an uplifted euphoric effect that leaves you feeling unbelievably happy with a sense of creative inspiration. You may become giggly and talkative in this state as your high starts to build. This bud has a sweet citrusy flavor with hints of tropical earth and a heavily smooth pungency upon exhale. The aroma is said to be like over-ripe tropical fruits with hints of mango.

Dread Bread
TRUE F1 HYBRID  Inspiring and Fun

This gorgeous vigorous Sativa is a true first generation landrace Indica-to-landrace Sativa hybrid. Hybrids of this sort were common in the early days of American Sinsemilla production but have since fallen out of flavor for faster-finishing plants. Because of its disparate parentage the plant is incredibly vigorous, and is one of the rare examples of a first generation hybrid that can compare favorably to both new school and old school definitions of quality. The effect is somewhat dissociative, helping to distract from the aches and pains of daily life. Simultaneously, it is energizing making it perfect for hiking and sports. Dread Bread is a truly elite strain that is nearly impossible to find commercially from anyone but Kiona.

Triangle Kush
VINTAGE FL HYBRID  Powerful and Peaceful

The superior, more elusive sister of “The White,” Triangle Kush is a classic OG type originally grown in Florida. Popularized as OG Kush when it emerged in the 90s, the precise ancestry of this hybrid line remains shrouded in mystery. The “Triangle” phenotype, named after Florida’s three cannabis-producing capitals, is hailed by many aficionados as the most desirable example of perhaps the most popular hybrid of the 21st century. One of the few contemporary varieties in our catalog, Triangle earns its place with a powerful combination of calm mood-enhancement and strong creative and social stimulation effects. Its perfume and flavor are thick and funky, with strong notes of diesel fuel, pine and lemon.

Chemdog #4
HEIRLOOM HYBRID  Soaring Powerhouse

Despite its popularity, almost all of what is called “Chemdawg” in the recreational market is the result of backcrossing with other strains. Our genuine cut of the outstanding Chemdog #4 is not to be missed and easily earns its place in our cultivation of rare and special varieties. Most know the story of the Chem plants, early 90s Cannabis sold in Colorado at Grateful Dead shows. Her expansive smoke, fast-acting, soaring high and powerful body euphoria are renowned in Cannabis circles worldwide. Chem #4 is the truest-to-type of the group, with extreme fuel-like pungency, excellent bag appeal and sometimes purple highlights. Chem pioneer Joe Brand calls this exclusive cut the ‘Reunion Pheno.’

Coming Soon 2017



Big Sur Hippie Weed
HEIRLOOM CA HYBRID  Cerebral and Positive

The Big Sur Holyweed is among the most significant American Cannabis heirlooms of the 20th century. Said to be developed by a Buddhist monk named Perry in Big Sur, CA during the early 1960’s from Mexican and Afghan imports. It is oldest known Indica Sativa hybrid from America. Our Big Sur Hippie weed, known in some California circles as the DS, goes back equally far but is the Holyweed backcrossed to its Afghan parent. It still displays a good portion of its Sativa parentage, flowering for approximately 12 weeks and gifting the user with a life affirming high with positive enhancement to one’s outlook. The odor is sweet and thick but still remaining in the herbaceous spectrum of a tropical narrow leafed variety.

Vietnam Kashmiri
LANDRACE HYBRID  Introspective and Cerebral

To many westerners, the regions from which this first-generation landrace hybrid is derived are associated with conflict. However, they are fertile regions with endearing cultures and long histories of producing world-renowned Cannabis products. This particular strain leans heavily towards its Vietnamese parentage, floral in odor/flavor and heavily foxtailed with an introspective, cerebral effect. Products like these are a rarity in the recreational Cannabis market and are meant for the minority of Cannabis users with exclusive tastes and an appreciation for the unique and exotic effect, floral beauty and odor/flavor that only the finest landrace collections provide.

Afghani #1
HEIRLOOM AFGHANICA  Calm and Relaxing Stone

The primary building block of the majority of the mainstream drug Cannabis gene pool, including foundational varieties like Skunk #1, Afghani #1 was developed in Santa Cruz in the 1970s by Sam the Skunkman and taken to Holland in the mid 1980s. Our Afghani is an exceptional cutting, testing very high in THC and distances itself slightly from the classic California Indica profile with a higher calyx-to-leaf ratio and a substantially more citric odor and flavor profile. What it does keep however, is a deeply calming and sedative effect. Dedicated students of Indica bloodlines often refer to ‘Afghanica’ when speaking of their favorites and as ‘hashplants’ when talking generally of the strains found across India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Heirloom Archive



Purple Dolores

It’s difficult to study American Cannabis of the 20th century without acknowledging the contributions of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a group of surfer philosophers responsible for importing massive quantities of high quality Cannabis and hashish from the world over, and almost the entirety of the world’s LSD supply from the early 1960’s to the 1990’s. One varietal was repeatedly mentioned when discussing domestic Cannabis production with members and associates of the group, The Purple Dolores. It took us five years to eventually track down an accession of the line from a former BOEL member in Santa Cruz, and rescue it from near extinction. Although none of our sources know her background, our best guess is that she is of Oaxacan, Pakistani, and SE Asian descent. She is highly inbred, low in vigor, and quite far from the highly resinous, fruity Cannabis we see on the shelves of stores and dispensaries today. She is not for those seeking bag appeal, knock out stones, or overwhelming flavor. She is for spiritual seekers, and mindful Cannabis connoisseurs, possessing an overall comfortable high, one that makes colors more vivid and opens one’s consciousness to the possibilities of humanity. The overall phenotype has the interesting mix of tropical and wide leafed traits which can only appear from a heavily inbred line created from parents that possess the all but disappeared genetic diversity of the landrace Cannabis varietals of the 1960’s. Her odor is highly unique, striking everyone somewhat differently, it is mostly reminiscent of sweeter wild mint leaves. The high is more of an enhancing effect instead of a strong stone, and we discourage anyone looking to get stoned from trying this line.

Kiona Noble Hash cannabis indica
Noble Hashplant

Almost all pure indicas are highly similar derivatives of a fairly narrow band of the Cannabis gene pool collected from Afghanistan and bred by a small group of breeders on the west coast from the late 70’s to early 80’s. The Noble Hashplant, named from the Noble Blue Mosque of Mazar-I-Sharif is instead a wholly unique synthesis. She is maternally descended from an heirloom line cultivated for its resins over many generations by a family of ethnically English farmers in the northern Afghan mountains southeast of Mazar-I-Sharif, and miraculously harvested every year only after the snow line comes down below their elevation. The paternal ancestor is equally unique originating from a Chitral valley line grown for Charas (rubbed resins) but coming to us via a now deceased friend who collected the seeds from the region of origin in the early 70’s and maintained the line pure near Loleta along the Eel River Valley Valley of Humboldt, Ca. Our Noble Hashplant is a truly unique and exceptional cultivar, displaying deep and dark red and purple, almost chocolatey, coloration while providing a bouquet of fruit nectars and Yemeni Mokha. This is a rare example of a pure wide leaf capable of enchanting connoisseur who is even the most jaded towards the tired and bland indicas found circulating today.