Fed By The Earth
Washington’s renowned producer of rare and landrace cannabis strains. Our connoisseur sun grown flowers are cold cured for exquisite flavor and smoothness.
Landrace, Sativa, Sun Grown, Heirloom, Old School, Indica, Haze, Tropical, Hashplant, Curing, Rare, Strains, Connoisseur, Natural, Sustainable, Cannabis
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Unlike most any other producer,

we grow Cannabis in the ground. 

For thousands of years the Yakima River has deposited beneficial minerals in the Kiona valley of South Central Washington, creating some of the nation’s most desirable conditions for craft horticulture.  Our farm is in the company of renowned vineyards and artisanal crops. Instead of industrial growing mediums, which rely on external fertilizers, our native soil offers a rich, complex base of nutrients and minerals. We add natural soil amendments to make these native minerals available and optimal to nourish our plants.


 As with fine wine or heirloom produce, our world-class terroir adds satisfying dimension to the exquisite flavor and aroma of our flowers.