Rare & Exquisite
Washington’s renowned producer of rare and landrace cannabis strains. Our connoisseur sun grown flowers are cold cured for exquisite flavor and smoothness.
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Flowers this special are rarely seen outside a connoisseur’s personal stash: magnificent and empowering landrace sativas that require enormous care to grow, the pinnacle of heirloom hybrids and ancestral Afghanicas with unparalleled highs for the elite seeker.

Nigerian Haze Reserve
AFRICAN SATIVA  Intense and Energizing

We’re proud to work with JJNYC’s selected cutting of his Nigerian Silk x NL5/Haze. Nigerian Cannabis is well reputed for its “bell ringing” whiteout inducing effect, and fine examples of NL5/Haze don’t slouch either. Possessing a strongly African influenced phenotype, her high is completely in the head without the slightest inflection of a body high. The flowers are thin and somewhat small with a mix of herbal and grape odor and flavor. She is nearly ceilingless and of very high quality. It is one of the favorites of the farm and one of the most strongly energizing strains in our catalog. Cold-cured for 8 weeks, her exotic aroma is beckoning and complex. A must try for any sativa fan. A select group of our Nigerian Haze flowers this year are off-the-charts in terms of quality, showing all their elusive characteristics at top form.  These have been classified as “Reserve.”

Kiona Uptown Piff New York Haze sativa
Uptown Piff Reserve
HEIRLOOM HAZE SATIVA Soaring and Psychedelic

Collectively known as the New York hazes, which share both a high degree of genetic overlap, and a number of names, “Frankies”, “The Church”, “Piff”,  sometimes referencing how the burned flowers cause the room to smell of Frankincense, used in some Catholic masses. Their origin is somewhat of a mystery, but it is safe to say, they are all derivatives of the Northern Lights #5 X Haze hybrid developed in Holland in the 1980’s. Our “Uptown Piff” possesses all of the qualities that make a great NY Haze. With gorgeous resin spangled foxtails of calyxes, and an odd odor of band aids with a delicate floral syrup background, the Uptown Piff will be immediately recognized by those familiar with the best New York Hazes. This says nothing of the effect, which hits fast with an energizing euphoria. Our version is of very high quality compared to what most people think of, when they think of “Haze”, grown sustainable, and artisan cured, leaving behind the negative qualities which commercially produced hazes often possess. A select group of our Uptown Piff flowers this year are off-the-charts in terms of quality, showing all their elusive characteristics at top form.  These have been classified as “Reserve.”

Chemdog #4
HEIRLOOM HYBRID  Soaring Powerhouse

Despite its popularity, almost all of what is called “Chemdawg” in the recreational market is the result of backcrossing with other strains. Our genuine cut of the outstanding Chemdog #4 is not to be missed and easily earns its place in our cultivation of rare and special varieties. Most know the story of the Chem plants, early 90s Cannabis sold in Colorado at Grateful Dead shows. Her expansive smoke, fast-acting, soaring high and powerful body euphoria are renowned in Cannabis circles worldwide. Chem #4 is the truest-to-type of the group, with extreme fuel-like pungency, excellent bag appeal and sometimes purple highlights. Chem pioneer Joe Brand calls this exclusive cut the ‘Reunion Pheno.’

Lemon Cheesecake Thai
SELECT SATIVA HYBRID  Fun, Social and Elevating

The positive energy and upbeat highs of this amazing hybrid combine SE Asian and Central American landrace sativas with more distant traits of Afghani genetics. Effects of this strain are distinctly happy, elevating, and enlightening, with a touch of mild physical relaxation. Unlike many stress-reducing hybrids, there’s cerebral uplift rather than mind-numbing immobility. And indeed she has an invigorating flavor reminiscent of Lemon Cheesecake as well. Lemon Cheese being an ancestor. And a nuttiness from her Colombian and Kush bloodlines. These largely tropical hybrids love Kiona’s all-natural sun grown environment.

Puna Budder Cookies
SELECT MODERN HYBRID  Cerebral and Serene

Old meets new in this special hybrid bred by Coastal Seeds out of Santa Cruz. As the name suggests, a late 70s-era Hawaiian “Puna Budder” sativa from the Big Island was crossed with the popular Girl Scout Cookies cut, renowned for its empowered calm. The result is an overall uplifting experience that dulcifies the body while invigorating the senses. This variety shares some of the more desirable traits with our Ol’ Mendo Hashplant but with a more sativa-leaning structure and effect. It produces flowers with purple highlights and a lemon funk fuel odor that carries well into its flavor. While the effect is fairly physical, Puna Butter Cookies offers a notably positive, clear head.

Cedar Black Haze
TROPICAL SATIVA Creative and Energetic

Seed banks have been selling seeds that claim to be the “best of both worlds” plants that possess the high of a haze with the bag appeal of a modern hybrid for almost thirty years now. Unfortunately, these rarely, if ever, delivered. It is with this goal in mind that we created the Cedar Black Haze, the first line we’ve encountered which has been successfully bred to possess a world class tropical high, gorgeous delicate foxtailed flowers, and the complex nose of pure sativa alongside the intense resin covering of the most elite modern hybrids. It started with our all-time favorite pure tropical hybrid derived from a Colombian Black collected in the Llanos Orientales, or Eastern Planes, also known as the Orinoquía region. This was crossed to ’68 pure purple commune haze x Santa Marta Mota, before being inbred and stabilized for a potent, euphoric, visually psychedelic high. We then worked in our Pakistani, Mazari, and Wreck lines before stabilizing it increasingly to the tropical side to create something altogether new. Her nose is a mix of red wine, cedar, Moroccan Kif, and honeysuckle blossoms. The resulting high is strongly positive and euphoric, comforting without being sedative. There isn’t a single aspect of this release that isn’t absolutely stellar and five stars. Those who find themselves able to try these flowers should consider themselves very lucky.

Triangle Kush
VINTAGE FL HYBRID  Powerful and Peaceful

The superior, more elusive sister of “The White,” Triangle Kush is a classic OG type originally grown in Florida. Popularized as OG Kush when it emerged in the 90s, the precise ancestry of this hybrid line remains shrouded in mystery. The “Triangle” phenotype, named after Florida’s three cannabis-producing capitals, is hailed by many aficionados as the most desirable example of perhaps the most popular hybrid of the 21st century. One of the few contemporary varieties in our catalog, Triangle earns its place with a powerful combination of calm mood-enhancement and strong creative and social stimulation effects. Its perfume and flavor are thick and funky, with strong notes of diesel fuel, pine and lemon.

Pablo’s Panama Gold
TROPICAL SATIVA  Pure Cerebral Stimulation

This is a vintage sativa tour-de-force, crossing our Pablo’s Cheese (Colombian x UK Cheese) to a vintage Panama Red. The odor and flavor has more of an alkaline earthen quality than the Cheese. As the Panama influence would suggest, the effect is purely stimulant, able to keep the user awake and motivated long after their peers have gone to sleep. This is the perfect variety for creative pursuits, music, literature and the visual arts. Fine examples of landrace sativas are difficult to find anywhere in the recreational market and perhaps never with the natural quality and cure of Kiona. Our row houses are constructed to allow these slow-to-flower and rangy tropical flowers to fully mature.

Santa Marta Purple
TROPICAL SATIVA  Introspective and Soaring

Collected from a family in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains along the Caribbean coast, these heirloom crops are watered entirely by hand and grown using sustainable, noncommercial methods. These high-quality plants are derived from two lines, including an ancestral Colombian Highland Gold strain which reflects the traits of the original Santa Marta Golds that pre-date Colombia’s export market. The other line, simply referred to as La Mota, central American Spanish for “The Flower”. It is a selection made for magico-religious purposes by Arhuaco healers from a miniscule and extremely desirable portion of wild plants that existed in the region many generations ago. This population is thought to be ancestral to the vast majority of the Caribbean, Central and South American drug cultivars. The pure purple and purple gold types exhibit traits that lean heavily toward The Mota, and are a significant departure from the export-grade Cannabis produced by Colombia from 1972 to present day.

BC SELECT INDICA  Cerebral and Narcotic

Blockhead is one of a few varieties we sell derived from the work of Breeder Steve at Spice of Life seeds, and we consider it his best work. The Blockhead’s mother, known as “Project 19” is somewhat mysterious, commonly thought to be a inbred stabilized hybrid partially derived from an unknown African variety. Her father is a Sweet Tooth #3, a cubed backcross derived from the British Columbia Sweet Pink Grapefruit, thought to be a selected Northern Lights cutting, and DJ Short’s highly regarded Blueberry. She is known for producing afghanica structured flowers on a tropical structured plant, possessing a high with a similarly unusual mix of wide and narrow leafed qualities. An unusual plant with seductive attractive floral and resin structures, with a high that’s all her own. The effects combine the potent and disorienting qualities of equatorial Africans with the couchlock qualities of her wide leafed ancestors. The olfactory qualities have a base of grape candy with overtones of hash, meyer lemon, and cat urine.

Canguru de Oaxaca
TROPICAL SATIVA  Energizing and Positive

We are very excited about this pure tropical narrow leafed offering. In the 1960’s travelling hippies and surfers from all over Australia convened to the city of Nimbin, creating the country’s counterculture mecca. With seeds found in imported flowers from Thailand and Papua New Guinea, and thanks to the humid subtropical climate of northeastern New South Wales, the locals developed the most legendary Cannabis ever to grow under the Australian sun, the Mullumbimby Madness. Named for its potent, highly cerebral effect, this highly sought after Australian heirloom has fallen to near extinction, giving way to modern cultivars. Simultaneously, in North America, many in the counterculture decided to follow Timothy Leary to Oaxaca, and participate in the ancient psilocybin using Curandero culture. This same culture in the mountains of Oaxaca, also grew a similarly benevolent yet psychedelic variety of Cannabis, known as the Highland Oaxaca Gold.


The marriage of these two rare long flowering tropicals results in flowers that never disappoints. Not lacking for sheer potency, and ability to go toe to toe in both ceiling and hit for hit potency against any contemporary variety, the flowers produce a delightful and positive, and highly energizing in their effect. The flavor and nose are sweet, herbaceous and floral, mostly leaning towards the South Pacific ancestry of the Mullumbimby Madness. This is not to be missed. As with many of our pure tropicals, they are rare anywhere in the world, but especially rare in Washington, since they don’t express their best potential indoors, yet their late trigger into flowering and extended flowering period make them incompatible with the latitude and climate of Washington state. It is only through a concerted effort, dedicated to the production real heirloom tropical Cannabis available that we’re able to make these available.