Washington’s renowned producer of rare and landrace cannabis strains. Our connoisseur sun grown flowers are cold cured for exquisite flavor and smoothness.
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Equatorial landrace sativas have long been sought for their clearheaded, energizing, and contemplative effects — highs that inspired a generation of artists and thinkers in the 60s and 70s. Rangy and slow-to-flower, such strains are rarely found in modern production.

Kiona Uptown Piff New York Haze sativa
Uptown Piff
HEIRLOOM HAZE SATIVA  Soaring and Psychedelic

Collectively known as the New York hazes, which share both a high degree of genetic overlap, and a number of names, “Frankies”, “The Church”, “Piff”,  sometimes referencing how the burned flowers cause the room to smell of Frankincense, used in some Catholic masses. Their origin is somewhat of a mystery, but it is safe to say, they are all derivatives of the Northern Lights #5 X Haze hybrid developed in Holland in the 1980’s. Our “Uptown Piff” possesses all of the qualities that make a great NY Haze. With gorgeous resin spangled foxtails of calyxes, and an odd odor of band aids with a delicate floral syrup background, the Uptown Piff will be immediately recognized by those familiar with the best New York Hazes. This says nothing of the effect, which hits fast with an energizing euphoria. Our version is of very high quality compared to what most people think of, when they think of “Haze”, grown sustainable, and artisan cured, leaving behind the negative qualities which commercially produced hazes often possess.

Purple Corinto
TROPICAL SATIVA  Soaring and Social

Our seed trials for Corinto Budder in 2016 yielded two strong phenotypes.  The Purple Corinto takes after her Colombian coastal parent, a rare purple landrace sativa, with subdued Hawaiian Puna Budder traits.  Purple Corinto’s easy-riding euphoria is shifted toward creativity, sociability and motivation along with subtler psychedelic mood enhancement and body effects.  The aroma of these artisanally cured flowers is as exotic as everything else about them, with a captivating effervescence of honeydew melon, herbaceous eucalyptus and alkaline desert soil.  Purple Corinto makes an excellent daytime smoke, with medium duration uplift that fades without undue tiredness.

Kiona Gold
SIGNATURE HYBRID Creative, Upbeat and Social

The prettier sister of our well regarded Pablo’s Lemon Thai is a reworking of the classic Hawaiian strain Kona Gold, Kiona Gold blends Colombians, Thais and some of the first Afghan genetics to be worked in the United States via the Brotherhood Of Eternal Love’s Hawaiian base of operations. Kiona Gold plants possess a wonderful and exotic citrus perfume and sparse, delicate sativa structure. They are high in THC and produce a long-lasting, motivational and emotion-enhancing effect. These flowers are ideal for assisting in mental health and end of life therapy.

Dread Bread
TRUE F1 HYBRID  Inspiring and Fun

This gorgeous vigorous sativa is a true first generation landrace indica-to-landrace sativa hybrid. Hybrids of this sort were common in the early days of American Sinsemilla production but have since fallen out of flavor for faster-finishing plants. Because of its disparate parentage the plant is incredibly vigorous, and is one of the rare examples of a first generation hybrid that can compare favorably to both new school and old school definitions of quality. The effect is somewhat dissociative, helping to distract from the aches and pains of daily life. Simultaneously, it is energizing making it perfect for hiking and sports. Dread Bread is a truly elite strain that is nearly impossible to find commercially from anyone but Kiona.

Mango Durban
TROPICAL SATIVA  Soaring and Social

Mango Durban is one of three newly added pure tropical sativas in our 2017 catalog. Its mother, a lowland Colombian Gold type landrace from the Gaujira Peninsula on the Caribbean coast, known in the region of origin as “Mangobiche”, (mayn-goh beec-hee) or “unripe mango”. Mango Durban’s father derives from an exceptionally high quality collection from Durban, South Africa. Effects are long-lasting, strongly psychoactive, and slightly psychedelic. Like the regions of origin, Mango Durban is filled with paradoxes and brings together the blending of disparate cultures. She’s heady, exotic and complex.

Lemon Thai
HEIRLOOM HI HYBRID Euphoric, Fun and Social

Lemon Thai is a bit of a misnomer, but the name stuck. This is actually a Hawaiian line sold in the early days of the online Cannabis Seed industry by the now defunct “Dutch Flowers.” This is thought to be an ancestor to the OG Kush lines. Our selected plant is covered in copious quantities of resins that smell of lemons and cream cheese. This is a rare and highly desirable line representative of the best mid-1980s Hawaiian Cannabis. Our Lemon Thai offers more relaxed and euphoric highs than some phenotypes of the strain, producing effects that tip the balance of its Thai-influenced creative introspective qualities toward Hawaiian-influenced mood-enhancing social stimulation.

Big Sur Hippie Weed
HEIRLOOM CA HYBRID Cerebral and Positive

The Big Sur Holyweed is among the most significant American Cannabis heirlooms of the 20th century. Said to be developed by a Buddhist monk named Perry in Big Sur, CA during the early 1960’s from Mexican and Afghan imports. It is the oldest known indica sativa hybrid from America. Our Big Sur Hippie weed, known in some California circles as the DS, goes back equally far but is the Holyweed backcrossed to its Afghan parent. It still displays a good portion of its sativa parentage, flowering for approximately 12 weeks and gifting the user with a life affirming high with positive enhancement to one’s outlook. The odor is sweet and thick but still remaining in the herbaceous spectrum of a tropical narrow leafed variety. The high is a particularly good choice for audiophiles and musicians.

Nigerian Haze
AFRICAN SATIVA  Intense and Energizing

We’re proud to work with JJNYC’s selected cutting of his Nigerian Silk x NL5/Haze. Nigerian Cannabis is well reputed for its “bell ringing” whiteout inducing effect, and fine examples of NL5/Haze don’t slouch either. Possessing a strongly African influenced phenotype, her high is completely in the head without the slightest inflection of a body high. The flowers are thin and somewhat small with a mix of herbal and grape odor and flavor. She is nearly ceilingless and of very high quality. It is one of the favorites of the farm and one of the most strongly energizing strains in our catalog. Cold-cured for 8 weeks, her exotic aroma is beckoning and complex. A must try for any sativa fan.

Lemon Jack
SELECT SATIVA HYBRID  Energizing and Focused

A new take on an old theme, our Lemon Jack is a unique NL90 Haze hybrid that delivers the best of both indica and sativa genetics. But unlike so many of today’s poly-hybrids, she’s a classic BX1, bringing together a highly esteemed heirloom 80s selection of indica heavyweight Northern Lights, and a classic Pure Haze, a vintage American strain bred of landrace sativas in the 60s. These long divergent origins combine to deliver a vibrant balance of strong clearheaded psychoactive effects, with the potency and body high one expects from a Northern Lights. She’s a great anytime smoke and produces copious lemon and hash scented perfume.

Pablo’s Cheese 60
ELITE HYBRID SATIVA  Cerebral, Motivating and Trippy

This hybrid of Caribbean coastal Colombians to the Exodus Cheese isn’t as impressive for bag appeal as most of our catalog. It is however, easily one of our favorite smokes. It is strongly cerebral and motivational with a noticeable visual/psychedelic quality. The odor is minty and herbaceous and she has a floral structure that produces beautiful foxtails. The mother of Pablo’s Cheese, Exodus Cheese became one of England’s most sought after sativa cuttings of the 1980s. This F1 cross by Cannaseur Seedbank of the Exodus to Breeders Choice Pure Colombian “Goldbud” showcases the strain’s landrace energy.

Corinto Budder
TROPICAL HI SATIVA Trippy and Euphoric

This is a 2017 addition we are most excited about. High quality purple landrace sativas are incredibly rare. “Purple Corinto,” “Corintiano Morado,” “Corinto Monster” and “Monstruo” are all names for the class of purple and emerald green varieties hailing from the predominantly Afro-Colombian populated areas along the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Its other parent, Puna Budder, hails from the agricultural Puna region of The Big Island of Hawaii. Our seed trials last year on this project yielded an absolutely stunning plant in terms of her positive, energetic effects and visual beauty. Patiently cured for eight weeks on-stem, she smokes with a rewarding citrus and floral perfume.

Vietnam Kashmiri
LANDRACE HYBRID  Introspective and Cerebral

To many westerners, the regions from which this first-generation landrace hybrid is derived are associated with conflict. However, they are fertile regions with endearing cultures and long histories of producing world-renowned Cannabis products. This particular strain leans heavily towards its Vietnamese parentage, floral in odor/flavor and heavily foxtailed with an introspective, cerebral effect. Products like these are a rarity in the recreational Cannabis market and are meant for the minority of Cannabis users with exclusive tastes and an appreciation for the unique and exotic effect, floral beauty and odor/flavor that only the finest landrace collections provide.

Cinnamon Malawi
AFRICAN SATIVA  Energetic and Psychedelic

A major Cannabis-producing region in Southeast Africa, Malawi is famous for a centuries-old pure sativa of the same name.  This robust indigenous landrace is one of Africa’s most psychedelic and characterized by long lasting cerebral clarity with an edge of dreaminess. Our Cinnamon Malawi is the selection of a group of top African growers who worked 10 years in pursuit of her finest psychoactive, clear vibrant high and luxurious tropical spiciness.  Pride of African seed house Afropips, she’s a superb choice for creative endeavors and those enjoying nature. This exotic sativa takes a very long time to reach maturity, flowering between 12 and 16 weeks.

Santa Marta Purple
Pablo’s Panama Gold
Lemon Cheesecake Thai
Cedar Black Haze